Assignment 3

After doing rough sketches of my scene from different angles and finding one I liked, I then took one of the sketches and did some experimenting with ink before working on my A2 piece. To help show depth, via aerial perspective, I made the wind turbines fade into the distance and made the mountain in the background very light.

In my final piece I decided to have the old windmill smudged and fading away to emphasize the feeling of the old being replaced by new technology. I feel that I made the mountain in the final too dark and should have made it softer.

I decided to have long grass stalks in the foreground and run right across the page to create low and exclude the viewer from the piece.


Exercise 4: Statues

The first statue I decided to draw was one I found in Venice in the garden of an art museum. The statue itself was black and rough but reflected a lot of light. I struggled a bit with the area of its face where its eyes would have been, I felt I could not get the shape quite right but it was fun to draw this strange creature.

As a bit of a pallet cleanser I decided to draw another statue that I found in Greece. I did it with ink and water which I have never used for a human figure before so it was an interesting challenge.

Exercise 2: Study of a landscape using line.

I enjoyed this exercise more than the previous townscape exercises although I do still need to work on my shading when working with pen. I feel that my preliminary sketch held enough information to do my final sketch. I enjoy making townscapes that are not as symmetrical and formal where all the buildings look the same. I enjoy buildings that have their own character.

I however did not do a very good job at portraying a foreground middle ground and background. In that way my drawing ended up looking very flat.

Exercise 1: Developing your studies

The scene I chose was one of a house on a cliff face overlooking a lake. I should have added colour to make the scene more readable and interesting. I’m quite happy with how the grass came out, I spent quite a lot of time on it. I should have also spent more time on the shore on the far side of the lake.